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About me

I am a photographer, producer, editor and writer with over 20 years of experience. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to produce stories about some of the most innovative thinkers, entertainers, musicians, athletes and idea makers of my time. People often ask me who my favorite interview was, or what my favorite assignment was. I have never really been able to answer this. I have recently been digging deep into my archive to see if I can answer this question for myself.

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I started out as a kid with a camera

In the mid 90’s I was just a kid with a camera. I would wander around the streets of Daytona Beach, Florida pretending I was Henri Cartier-Bresson. It was during this time that I gained an appreciation for trying to capture “Decisive Moments”. I was also working as a freelance photographer for several different newspapers around Florida and trying to figure out how I could turn photography into a career. With the help of some pretty cool assignments I was able to move to the next level and ended up moving to Atlanta, Georgia to start a new career in television.

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Video gave me more layers to tell stories

In early 2000 I was introduced to the world of video production and began my career with CNN. I fell in love with storytelling and using anything and everything to produce stories. I was told by one of my favorite CNN cameramen that I should learn how to edit. I taught myself how to edit and realized that this additional skill now gave me control over every aspect of telling a story.

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Rock bands opened doors for me

In 2001 I began to interview bands, singers and musicians as a field producer for a 30 minute weekly music show which aired on CNN called The Music Room. This not only gave me interesting stories to produce, but also gave me extreme confidence in my interviewing skills. I was able to sit across from some of the most legendary bands and singers of all time and have conversations about their lives and history.

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Sports let me wear different hats

Years of producing feature content for major sporting events broadened my production skills and helped me learn to produce and follow stories in the field as they happened. High-end sports production helped sharpen my skills in post-production as well as working with on-air talent during live broadcasts.

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Travel broadened my technical ability

I always love to work on large production with full camera crews and editors, but sometimes budgets and logistics don’t offer the luxury of bringing along large production crews. I have learned to adapt and have traveled around the world producing content on my own from start to finish.

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Innovation is the key to the future

In my opinion, rock bands, athletes and celebrities are cool, but they very rarely have the answers to real problems. Over the past few years I have really been interested in innovative ideas and how the good ones can help save the planet we live on. I have been able to work up-close and personal with some world-renowned innovators and document some of the most important projects of my lifetime.

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Film has been my journal through it all

For me, I look at one of my photographs and remember everything that was going on at that moment. The sounds, the smell, the temperature and everything else I was feeling at that exact fraction of a second. Film has been my journal through it all and this is why I still carry my camera everywhere I go.